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Ham Radio Workbench Podcast

This podcast is your bi-weekly deep dive on making, DIY, electronics, and technical topics of interest to the ham radio operator. Join your hosts George KJ6VU and Jeremy KF7IJZ as they discuss current developments in ham radio while introducing listeners to a plethora of topics and skills such as test equipment, 3D Printing, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and more.

Sep 25, 2018

Most of us have several devices connected to the Internet in our Ham Shacks.  A computer, a digital mode hotspot, and a Raspberry Pi are several common items one would find.  We may not give much thought to these devices because affordable commercially available equipment make it a breeze to connect devices to each other and the Internet.  But, have you ever stopped to think whether your hotspot should have network access to the computer you do your taxes on? This week Nick KN6NK and Smitty KR6ZY join us to give an introduction to basic networking topics and a primer on basic but powerful practices to secure our networks in the ham shack and beyond.


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Closed-loop spindle speed control (Arduino PID controller) for my 3040 router (they’re all over eBay)

Watching developments on uBITx harmonics/spurs and related fixes

Retro DOS gaming on real hardware instead of DOSBox!  Thin client and sound card

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Domain Name System -

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COTS wifi+router with third-party firmware - Tomato / dd-wrt / OpenWRT

Overview of basic commercial wifi+router security -

Wired Network sniffing -

Wifi security talk

Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN) -

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