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Ham Radio Workbench Podcast

This podcast is your bi-weekly deep dive on making, DIY, electronics, and technical topics of interest to the ham radio operator. Join your hosts George KJ6VU and Jeremy KF7IJZ as they discuss current developments in ham radio while introducing listeners to a plethora of topics and skills such as test equipment, 3D Printing, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and more.

Jun 18, 2024

In this episode we meet Colin Vallance, KC8DHY, a professional network engineer who also manages the WiFi network at DefCon and other events.  We talk with Colin about how to set up your network in the ham stack.  We also have a round table discussion about our plans for Field Day 2024.

Jun 4, 2024

In this episode we meet Hamilton Carter, KD0FNR and his daughter, Hamie Carter, KO6BTY.  This amazing father / daughter team have build and deployed multiple creative radio projects.  One in particular, Project TouCans, puts a QRP transciever right at the dipole antenna feed point eliminating coax cables and...