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Ham Radio Workbench Podcast

This podcast is your bi-weekly deep dive on making, DIY, electronics, and technical topics of interest to the ham radio operator. Join your hosts George KJ6VU and Jeremy KF7IJZ as they discuss current developments in ham radio while introducing listeners to a plethora of topics and skills such as test equipment, 3D Printing, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and more.

Jan 29, 2019

Brittany KF8IJZ received an Arduino kit with many sensors and addons for Christmas and is starting to get familiar with the microcontroller and its capabilities.  Mark KR6ZY joins us to answer the fundamental question of “What is Arduino?” We talk through some fundamentals and some practical examples of projects one...

Nov 6, 2018

Bernie Nazari K6NAZ has been a ham for just under two years, but has already been bitten by the building bug.  Recently he’s shared two projects in our Facebook group that combine Arduino compatible Adafruit Feather boards and 3D Printing to add to his ham radio fun.  Bernie joins us today to talk about his...

Feb 14, 2017

George and Jeremy bring all of the Microcontroller knowledge together to a practical application as they break down the building of the Sierra Radio Systems Bay-Net Repeater Groups Remote Site Monitoring System.

Yaesu Announces two new Handhelds
FT-25R -

Jan 31, 2017

In this episode of the Ham Radio 360 Workbench, George and Jeremy continue the conversation on communicating with Microcontrollers and Single Board Computers. They deep dive on wireless ways of communicating from direct RF links to WiFi.

Autodesk Eagle has moved to a subscription based license -

Jan 17, 2017

George and Jeremy explore how to connect microcontrollers and single board computers to circuits and sensors to interface with the real world.  They discuss both analog and digital inputs and outputs as well as the most common ways of interfacing with components such as sensors.

Antenna Analyzer 3D Printed ABS Cases...